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The Green Wave TW-POO-004 biodegradable plate is an environmentally friendly way to store and serve food. Each plate is made out of all-natural, annually renewable resources that break down quickly in both water and landfills. The durable plates can withstand 302 degrees Fahrenheit of heated oil or 212 degrees Fahrenheit of water. Green Wave’s products are also microwavable, making it easy to store and reheat food all in one container. The TW-POO-004 biodegradable 10″ plates are sold by the pack, 125 plates per pack.

Green Wave Biodegradable products are made of environmentally conscious natural fiber, such as sugarcane, grass and reed plasma. The annually renewable materials that the products are constructed of allow Green Wave to remain competitive without exploiting the natural environment or disturbing the ecological system. Green Wave’s products are 100 percent green and are an excellent substitute for non- environmental friendly products, such as styrofoam and plastic.